SEO or search engine optimisation – a method that helps your website to achieve a higher position in the organic search engine results without having to invest in online advertising.

  • Keywords and market research

    First of all, before investing money in online advertising, you need to create a proper SEO strategy. SEO strategy is a complex Your website optimisation process that requires a lot of different answers to the question relating your business:

    • How buyers are looking for your services or products?
    • What queries do they use?
    • How amount of queries varies depending on seasons, gender or age?

    Keyword and Market Research – is a basic step in each of our SEO strategy, but sometimes suitable as a separate service, usually when it is necessary to determine the need for the product or service in the market.

  • Website and its content optimisation

    Website – a powerful tool for your business. Like any other tool when not used properly it becomes a burden and no longer serves the function it should. Your website must be optimised at least every couple of years. Those who invest a lot in online advertising continuos website optimisation is a must. It significantly decreases the cost of advertising in Google Adwords and increases Your website position in organic Google search results. Our company would like to offer You such services:

    • Website content enrichment with popular keywords that are dominant on market
    • Website hidden components optimisation that are usually visible only for search engines
    • Special SEO modules and tools integration in the site structure
    • Conversion optimisation, allowing users of your website to become your customer much easier